PV Enterprises & Investorshub.com & Users CASSANDRA & SeaAm

A Message From Peter Villiotis:






January 13, 2014

SENT BY FASCIMILE TO ADVFN: +44-870-7940236; email: clemhchambers@advfn.com; mikehodges@advfn.com


Clem Chambers, CEO

Mike Hodges, Chairman

3rd Floor, 26 Throgmorton Street

London, EC2N 2AN England

United Kingdom

Re: investorshub.com



Dear Sirs:

You are hereby requested to immediately revoke the posting privileges of the aliases “Seaam” and “Cassandra” on the “board” dedicated to PV Enterprises International, Inc. (PVEC) operated by your wholly-owned subsidiary, www.investorshub.com, to CEASE & DESIST, for the following:

1.) Libel

2.) Slander

3.) Defamation

4.) Personal Injury

Although at least one acting “admin” of your site describes investorshub.com as “self-policing” and as such refuses to remove the aforementioned moderators and their libelous postings from the board, as a publicly trading company whose subsidiary advertises “Among our Members, you’ll find astute market insight in a less-restrictive environment than some sites, and a far more civil level of discourse than you’ll find on the rest.”, it is the duty of the parent company, ADVFN, to ensure that the activity responsible for the above mentioned ceases.

Let it be known that the investorshub.com moderator known as “Seaam” is a former acting CFO of this company who was terminated for willful misconduct. For more than a year he has made incredibly injurious postings about the company and the CEO. For more than a year efforts have been made to have him removed as moderator to no avail. Repeatedly, defenses against his injurious posts are deleted. As a matter of fact, it appears the more his behavior and the obvious conflict his position as a moderator creates is brought to the attention of admin’s, the more outrageous his behavior becomes.

Additionally, based on so-called “due diligence” posted by the moderator “Cassandra”, the repeated deletions of challenges to her libelous posts and other proclamations made by her to “expose the company as a scam”, it is apparent the two are working in conjunction to cause severe damage to the company and its CEO. Again, repeated attempts—attempts providing bone fide legal documentation and additional factual information to counter their libelous claims—are promptly deleted and refused for reversal on the grounds that such information is “off topic”.


As you might be aware, a practice is unfair if it fails to meet the standard of “professional diligence” and it materially impairs an average consumer’s ability to make an informed decision, causing him/her to make a decision he/she would not otherwise have made. Since your wholly-owned subsidiary investorshub.com sells its products and services to the average consumer, failing to meet the standard of “professional diligence” ADVFN and invetorshub.com can be considered as engaging in unfair practices.

PV Enterprises International, Inc. and its shareholders have suffered incredible monetary losses as a direct result of the repeated lies, personal and professional attacks by the moderators “Seaam” & “Cassandra” and investorhub.com’s refusal to quell their damaging actions. In order to protect further injury to all innocent parties your immediate action is required.

If immediate action is not taken to remove (ban) these persons from the PVEC “board” with an immediate removal of every libelous post published on the PVEC “board”, we will move forward with action against all parties for damages and restitution as well as provide information to the federal authorities as it is made available to us by various members of the investorshub.com community.






Peter Villiotis

President & CEO

cc: Jeffrey Klein, ESQ


PV Enterprises International Inc, Public Announcement: #1

March 24, 2015

Dear Shareholders, Friends & Financial Institutions:

Recent business negotiations and relative due diligence has brought to our attention some very defamatory claims, rife with lies and false accusations, published by the posters known as “Cassandra” and “SeaAm”on the rogue investing message board site known as “iHub” (www.investorshub.com).

Regarding “Cassandra” a simple online search of both “Cassandra” and investorshub.com will reveal that both have been the subject of countless complaints by individuals and companies alike for many years. From new investors to practicing attorney’s to CEO’s, the people who have suffered as a result of the exceedingly damaging actions committed by iHub and its “bashers”, including “Cassandra”, that capitalize off the intentional suppression of a stock, is incredible.

Then there are those former contractors/employees, such as the poster known as “SeaAm”, whose name is David W. Turner, former interim CFO of PV Enterprises, Inc., with an ax to grind after being terminated, that use such places as iHub as a means to facilitate a rampage, caring not how many lives are negatively impacted in the process.

These people seemingly have carte blanche with disseminating countless lies, misinformation and personal attacks against people who are not afforded much of an opportunity to defend themselves due to the obvious illicit nature of investorshub.com.

Not only do people such as “Cassandra” work tirelessly to destroy the image of a company and at times, the corporate officers and affiliates, as they capitalize off the downward spiral of stock prices, they employ every tactic possible to suppress any refutation or defense of the company by deleting these refutations, limiting supporters posts, publicly attacking these supporters and even “jailing” supporters, thereby preventing them from further postings. Many of these “bashers” have no idea how businesses function; no education to understand how and what needs to be done in each business transactions to complete certain obligations. More specifically in maritime business where a significant amount of education and experience is required to understand how to charter and employ the required persons to move a vessel from one continent to another.

With regard to the below mentioned post by “Cassandra” (please see the bottom of this announcement), I would like to address the Panama deal she refers to as a “scam”. PV Enterprises was attempting to execute a business transaction with Aventuras 2000 Panama tour operator to employ a ferry RoRo Pax type vessel with service at the Colon – Cartagena ports. The obligations of PVE was to indentify the right vessel, manage said vessel and ensure that Aventouras 2000 adequately markets the vessel.

PVE indentified the right vessel to meet the expectations of the project and placed the deposit for this vessel. The corresponding signed agreement (MOA) copies are available at our office to any confirmed shareholder.

Unfortunately, one of the stipulations set forth by Aventouras 2000 was to present enough market interest and bookings to ensure the vessels revenue will be sufficient to support the breakeven point and the necessary funds to proceed with the then present market, under the escrow deposit amount, but this could not be accomplished.

For this reason PVE decided that it could not afford the risk of repositioning the vessel to Panama, absorbing the approximate $2 million dollar cost for fuel, crew, insurances and port expenses.

The above is also available for verification at our office by any confirmed shareholder.

For further information regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact our office.


PV Enterprises International, Inc.